Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Remarks on Planned Diplomatic Security Training Center

The State Department has sent out a press release (here) with Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Director Jeffrey W. Culver's remarks at a public meeting on the planned DSS training center in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

Presumably, he dispelled local concerns (see some of them here) about the center, especially those based on a misunderstanding about intentions for heavy weapons training.


Anonymous said...

The US govt is NOT listening to the residents! they are proposing to put this facility in the middle of a residential community and next to a state park with no regard to the historical, ecological nor cultural effects it will have.

I guess they feel it is so much "smarter" to ruin the pristine farm land and peaceful community here rather that go to a place that is already ruined or used up.

Follow link below to see what they are planning to put 300 feet from our back door!!

This is wrong and we as a people of this country need to stop it!!
Sherry Adam
Resident of Ruthsburg, MD
Queen Anne's County

TSB said...

I'd feel the same in your position. For what it's worth, the government isn't listening - or even asking for comment - from the employees who would receive training at that site. The travel time to and from the Eastern Shore would be a considerable inconvenience to many DSS agents, and would probably make an overnight trip out of routine firearms requalifications that are now easily accommodated in half-day trips to the existing range located a few miles from most DOS office locations.