Monday, May 17, 2010

Have Oakleys, Will Travel

As it did last year, the State Department is once again hiring Security Protection Specialists, i.e., Limited Non-Career Appointment specialists at the FP-04 pay level who will supplement DS agents as supervisors of high-threat protection contractors.

Cool shades are a must in that line of work, along with all sorts of other studly wear.

From the job announcement:

The Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), is seeking highly qualified and motivated men and women with extensive experience in protective security operations to serve as Foreign Service Security Protective Specialists at certain U.S. Embassies, Consulates and regional offices abroad.

The announcement specifies those offices abroad will be: "Embassy Baghdad, Iraq Regional Embassy Offices Erbil, Al Hillah, Tallil and Basra; Embassy Kabul; Consulate General Jerusalem and Consulate Peshawar." Just in case any would-be applicant was thinking he might be assigned to, say, Milan.

SPSs will work in tandem with DS Special Agents (SA) to ensure that a DS SPS or SA is always present and involved with every protective motorcade element. The SPS or SA may act as the Detail Leader and may supervise other DS or contractor personnel.

-- snip --

Appointment as a Security Protective Specialist will be in the Limited Non-Career Appointment category. This category is based upon an annually renewable appointment with a 5-year maximum. Extensions beyond five years are not permitted. At the conclusion of the appointment, or at any time during the appointment SPSs may apply for any Department position for which they are qualified, to include the Special Agent position.

Federal retirement benefits accrue during time spent as a DS Security Protective Specialist.

This job sounds like a good deal for somebody currently working as a protection contractor who wants a direct-hire job that could transition into a DS agent slot in a few years.


Anonymous said...

Oakleys are so 90s. Revision is the eyewear of today's jackbooted government thug.

TSB said...

I just checked them out, and you are so right! The ultimate in manly eyewear.