Friday, May 28, 2010

I ♥ Historians

I just came across this interesting news item from last year:

Students of history enjoy the most active sex lives at university, says a survey carried out by the Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell.

What's more, those who take up politics, philosophy and economics, and English literature are also more sexually active than any other undergraduate, the survey revealed.

That kind of survey has almost no validity, of course, since one should never generalize about sex based on the experiences of the English. More importantly, the survey doesn't correct for disparities in coed interest in various academic fields. You'll find lots of ladies in humanities courses but very few who major in the hard sciences, and those who do are soon, in the words of a female engineer I used to work for, "hunted to extinction" by their male classmates.

But forget all that quibbling. So the real campus studs are in history, followed by those in politics, philosophy, economics and English? That's good to know. Just FYI, I majored in both history and economics. Not that I'm bragging, but, well ... do the math.

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