Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning, With Some Power

My new favorite toy is this gasoline engine power washer. After doing yard work these past two weekends (Mrs. TSB is a suburban slave driver) I have found that power washing is the most fun you can have outside of a water park.

I've washed aluminum siding, brick, upper story windows, wooden flower boxes, concrete steps, walkways, decks, the driveway, my car, and even cleaned down the sidewalk as far as my water hose could reach. I re-filled the washer's gas tank three times yesterday alone.

So far I have found no - repeat, no - type of muck, mire, mold or mildew that can stand up a 2600 psi blast of water out of a 25-degree nozzle. And I'm looking hard for one, because I'm itching to use the 0-degree nozzle and really turn the full force of that bad boy loose.

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A Daring Adventure said...


I can totally see where this thing could rock the world! I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing over here! Hilarious!