Friday, May 11, 2012

The Big Reveal - Week 4 Of The Secret Service Scandal

Dania Suarez was interviewed by NBC News in Madrid today. She claimed to be negotiating with a publisher for a book about her role in the incident in Cartagena. I'm not sure what she could have to say about it that has not already been said, but she gave out a few teasers during the interview.

The Secret Service agents she encountered at the Pley Club were egotistical hardbodies, crazy dancers, and seemed to be experienced at the business of hiring prostitutes, Suarez said.

The agent she departed the club with clearly understood that her meter was running. She even used sign language to spell out "800 dollars" so that there would be no confusion.

Then, Suarez dropped a bombshell, revealing for the first time anywhere that ...

... she and ex-agent Arthur Huntington had sex. "Normal sex." After which he fell asleep. (What a lightweight!)

Suarez had perhaps the final word on the scandal when she told NBC News that the agents got what they deserved:

"I'm not to blame for being attractive. They are to blame for leaving their duty behind," she said.

"They seem like completely stupid, idiots. I don't know how Obama had them in his security force. What dumb men."

While she was in Madrid, Suarez was also interviewed for the first time by U.S. government investigators, the  Associated Press reported. 

Colombia prostitute at center of Secret Service scandal interviewed at US Embassy in Madrid:

Nearly four weeks after the Secret Service prostitution scandal erupted, U.S. government investigators on Thursday interviewed the Colombia prostitute [sic, because we know she was an escort, not a prostitute] at the center of the affair, which cost eight officers and supervisors their jobs and became an election-year embarrassment for the Obama administration.

Dania Londono Suarez voluntarily met with investigators at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, agency spokesman Edwin Donovan said. He said the Secret Service investigation was nearly complete. More than 200 people, including most of the women involved, have been interviewed in the United States and Colombia.

Londono mysteriously disappeared days after the incident and couldn’t be reached by investigators.

In a radio and television interview from Madrid on May 4, Londono said she works as a prostitute [sic, again] in Colombia, catering to foreigners. She said after leaving Colombia, she spent some time in Dubai before going to Madrid.

She spent some time in Dubai? Suarez's mother made a remark about a "boyfriend" in Dubai during a radio interview in Colombia last week. I assume he must be one of the foreigners that Suarez catered to in Cartagena.  

In related news, Secret Service agents traveling overseas will now receive lessons from the State Department in manners, etiquette, and deportment.

That's the word from Under Secretary Kennedy himself, as Diplopundit noted yesterday:

“Since our regional security officers and our political officers are present in every embassy around the world where the Secret Service might be going as part of their mission, we’re making ourselves available to conduct briefings on individual situations in the country that they’re traveling to.”

I'm not sure that will help, but it can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Is it my imagination or did she get "baked" in Dubai and age about 15 years?

TSB said...

It might be the different lighting, but she does look a bit different in that interview than she did in, say, last week's interview in Cartagena.

She probably looks her best in dim bar lighting, right around closing time.

Anonymous said...

Here is my nom for conspiracy of the month: It looks like Mark Zuckerburg is actually Mark Greenburg! That would make him grandson of David Rockefeller and son of Hank Greenburg of AIG! All uncovered by a guy who works at KFC! gwb

Anonymous said...

Ooops: I'm mispelling and misquoting again. Looks like 1 grandfather is JD Rockefeller
and the other grandfather is Greenberg (of AIG fame) Pretty intersting resemblence in those photos! gwb

TSB said...

I love the comments to that 'exposing the truth' post. Some even go into numerology to prove that Zuckerberg is #666 The Antichrist himself. Not that I doubt the Antichrist could be a social media entrepreneur - he would be! - but I just can't fear a skinny White kid in a hoodie who looks like he doesn't shave yet.

Anonymous said...

Explained $800.00 in sign language? Was the agent deaf? This is getting less and less believable. If they were so experienced in hiring ladies of the evening, why was there a dispute? Someone with that experienced would not have the early morning issue.

It is clear that she demanded the money afterward.

And falling asleep after sex is not studly? WTF? Cuddling after sex is metro, sleeping after sex is manly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I am certain the DS agents will have some "advice."

TSB said...


I've had cab drivers use sign language to make it clear they were charging 60 and not 6 dollars, so that part actually rings true.

Falling asleep with her in the room? I wouldn't. The Colombian macho practice is to say "your dinero is on the dresser, I'm through with you."

I think Huntington had way more vodka than he could handle at the Pley Club.