Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apocalypse Not

Obama's fundraising appeals went off the deep end again today. Obama wonders: is this ‘the end?’

“It’s August 23rd,” Obama wrote in a fundraising email with “the end?” as its subject line. “And 75 days from now, I’ll either be looking at another four years in the White House — or the end of this opportunity.”

He asked for contributions of $5 or more, saying “we’re getting outspent by wide margins in critical battleground states — and what we do about that today could be the difference between winning and losing on November 6th.”

How desperate is Obama for campaign cash? According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (summarized here) Obama has raised and spent way more than Romney so far in 2012. He raised $348 million to Romney's $193 million. He spent $263 million to Romney's $163 million. And he has nearly three times more cash on hand than Romney, $87,747,678 to $30,181,373.

This is the end? My only friend, the end? Of our elaborate plans, the end? Of everything that stands, the end?

Yes, in the silly season that hits Washington every fourth year this qualifies as The End.   

[Colonel Kurtz voice] "the horror ... the horror."


A Daring Adventure said...


How did I miss that you had a new Twitter home?!?!

I am all over that like white on rice...

Anonymous said...

Desperation is evident in the Obama camp! I think they should abandon the emails and appeal directly to DEM golfers to Please put a mayonnaise jar on the clubhouse counter for Labor Day Weekend for those $5 bills. Tell everyone that each $5 will create one new job. "Operation Grass Roots" gwb

TSB said...

A job for only 5 bucks? What a deal! Where can I donate?