Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jimmy Carter Helps Out His Fishing Buddy Vladimir Putin

Ex-President Jimmy Carter says he has delivered maps of ISIS positions in Syria to the Russian Embassy in Washington, in order to improve the accuracy of Russian air attacks.

Yes, he really did say that. It's on video.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Jimmie has a great sense of humor and sees an opportunity in Syria for Habitat For Humanity. He helps keep me sane! gwb

TSB said...

Habitat would be perfect for those refugee camps that Germany needs to build now. Winter is coming fast.

James said...

As much as I dislike Carter, this/he's become somewhat sad.

Anonymous said...

TSB:James; Last night Chris Christie began detailing the hacking of the CIA director's aol account by stoned American teenagers. He was shouted down by Hannity when got to the stuff he got from Jeh (Homeland Security Chief) because evidently Chris didn't get the word that this egregious breach of national security is not to be talked about outside of the ministry of information.

The young Atty General in training quickly got back to Hillary' emails and how well Trump and Carson are resonating with the voters. I went back to shopping for Ferrari's. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Here comes Biden with Obama with a big Rose Garden announcement. Let me predict: He has decided not to run because he doesn't think Hillary will be indicted but he's going to keep his options open in case she does. gwb He also wanted to quell all these rumors that he is indecisive. gwb

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell so getting the $50 million dollar take on this historic announcement! Oh.. there's Jill!! She has pursed lips so pretty sure he's not running. Yep!! So yay!! Jill can go back to school!! Everything is AWESOME!!

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