Friday, October 2, 2015

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

Virginia Beach mom finds ammo in Toys "R" Us package - ABC 13 News Now

Jasemin Stephenson says she ordered a "Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword" from the toy store's website last week.

When the package arrived Tuesday, Stephenson says she found 800 rounds of 9mm ammunition in the box, along with the sword.


Anonymous said...

TSB: It's too early to start reporting on the Christmas shopping season. gwb

James said...

What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

James, TSB: President Obama made a big speech today about all the 'half baked' ideas for fighting ISIS. Then a reporter asked him if
he thought Hillary's plan was half-baked. (cough,cough) Anyway, it sounds like Obama's plan is 'Hope and Change". but here is the big news!!
Chinese warplanes to join Russian air strikes in Syria. Russia gains Iraqi air base. (I got it for free off the basement server.)
The J-15 warplanes will take off from the Chinese Liaoning-CV-16 aircraft carrier, which reached Syrian shores on Sept. 26 (as debkafile exclusively reported at the time). This will be a landmark event for Beijing: its first military operation in the Middle East as well the carrier’s first taste of action in conditions of real combat.

Please pass this on media and political candidates in your area because I'm pretty sure they haven't heard about it yet. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB; James: Juan Cole always has a rational and (to me) surprising view on issues. For instance, his view on a rational national gun policy (here: especially the simple graph at the bottom.)

The problem is that if you put someone like Juan in the White House with the current set of presidential powers he would reform the national security state and end the constant fear mongering and war drums that make everyone feel like they need a Glock. Of course, as we have seen, If you lay out all the details of your 'plan' you have no chance with the electorate.
ie Ron Paul, Jeb Bush, Hillary, and most of the rest. gwb

James said...

There still is some doubt whether it is the Liaoning, but I tend to think it is. China must feel this is an excellent opportunity for practicing far shore naval power projection. It's only a matter of a short time before Iran comes out in the open with it's overt military involvement in Iraq/Syria. Good times will be had by all. Meanwhile the US pursues it's devastating and relentless hash tag campaign. I'll have more on what I think Putin's goals and moves are in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks James! gwb