Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"This Is Coming To You, Buddy"

Read more here: Effort to replace Libyan embassy flag in District is stymied.


Anonymous said...

TSB: This is totally off topic but I wanted to say your blog has been a real inspiration to me. My wife wants to become a writer and has started her first book. (It's audience is intended to be young hispanic women.)

She wanted to start a blog related to that so I decided to look at some blogs to maybe get (cont.)

Anonymous said...

ideas that might help her. When I found yours about a subject I'm really interested in I was really impressed with the utility of it.

It gives real "informed comment" about how our government views and operates in foreign policy and actually interacts with the readers.

So now I want to start my own blog based on my areas of interest and expertise. (Not foreign policy) It will be something like TMP:The Maverick Physician, or DEET:Dr Evil's Evil Twin. Thanks for the inspiration! Dan and lilGWB

TSB said...

Dan and lilGWB,

Thanks for your kind comments. Best of luck with the book, and when you start the blog please let me know so I can follow you.

GWB said...

TSB I managed to post an experimental
blogpost. Actually, I wanted to ask you about someone else's interpretation of the Ray Davis affair. See what you think? Dan


Anonymous said...

TSB: That all sounds right, but why is it that Ray cannot produce anything for the court? And what do you think will happen next?

Thanks! Dan

TSB said...

There is nothing for him to produce. Pakistan doesn't issue a note to diplomats. The U.S. embassy makes a written notification for each mission member, after which Pakistan either disagrees with or accepts the notification.

Here's Dawn's article quoting Foreign Office sources:


"A few slip-ups by Pakistani officials while dealing with Davis’ notification and subsequent registration request are quite obvious. His posting in Pakistan was notified in January last year. However, the FO did not issue a disagreement note, rather there was apparently no reply. The US embassy is now claiming Davis’s immunity on the basis of that notification."

What I hope happens before March 14 (and a High Court hearing) is that Pakistan and the USA cut a deal. Otherwise, we are approaching a break in relations.