Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bernie Madoff's Going-Out-Of-Life Sale

A friend calls estate sales "going out of life sales," and that's basically what the U.S. Marshals Service is holding today on behalf of Bernard L. Madoff, the former investment scammer and current U.S. prisoner.

You can browse 41 pages of his belongings here, or - better yet - go to Lowering the Bar where they have already found the most ridiculous of Madoff's stuff and made fun of it for us.

I sometimes look at estate sale inventories to spot vintage fountain pens (I'm always on the lookout for 1940-ish Parker Duofolds, Vacumatics, and "51"s), but it looks like the only pens Madoff used were ballpoints. No sale.

Most of the lots contain high-end watches and Mrs. Madoff's jewelry, Victorian furniture, a great many bronze bulls (in Madoff's case, that's definitely a Wall Street double entendre), fancy furnishings, luggage, shoes, and enough clothes to fit out a mid-size African village for life. His books are unimpressive; mostly airport fiction, and a single dictionary.

I bet the four remaining "Bernard L. Madoff, Investment Securities" logo tote bags are sure to go fast, so get your bids in early.


Ando said...

I'm amused that he had the game "Sorry." Don't you think they should have let him keep that one for prison game nights?

TSB said...

I think you're right. Where is the Marshals Service's empathy? No matter how pleasant his Club Fed of a prison might be, it's always comforting to have ones own belongings in the cell. Especially for a gentlemen of Madoff's advanced age.

I wonder if he gets to keep any unsold stuff?

Ando said...

Hmm, maybe they'll give some of it back to him in exchange for financial advice, Shawshank Redemption-style.

Per Wikipedia, he shares a building with a mob boss & Jonathan Pollard. I can only imagine the conversations they have.