Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making Sense of Martyrs

H/T to Marisa at Making Sense of Jihad who has made available her unfinished magnum opus, Martyrs in a Time of Alienation - Complete Bloggers Cut:

I've received numerous requests for the full copy of Martyrs in a Time of Alienation, my never-ending analysis of a collection of 120 biographies of contemporary mujahideen published back in January 2008. I still believe that the document offers fascinating insights into the current "character" of the mujahideen networks operating along the Afghan-Pakistan border. One day I will finish it, but in order to satisfy my European readers -- apparently I have many! -- I am publishing my entire unfinished draft

Read it here.

As someone who has only scratched the surface of that large Af/Pak muj body of literature, I find this analysis extremely helpful. A study guide to our most intractable national security problem.

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