Sunday, December 5, 2010

Priced to Move - The Unabomber's Montana Retreat

Property No. 18-1011 is on the block, and the asking price has been reduced to the low, low, sum of $69,500.

Own a piece of infamous US history! This 1.4 acre property located in Lincoln, Montana was once owned by the Unabomber. A lot of history goes with this location. Close to the Bob Marshall and Scape Goat Wilderness Areas, as well as the Blackfoot and Missouri Rivers where you can enjoy great fishing and hunting. This is a one of a kind property and is obviously very secluded. Power and water not on the property but are available. Don`t miss this one! Call John at 406-899-8723. $69,500.

"Obviously very secluded" indeed, although not secluded enough for the previous owner, which is why he now resides in a nice building that does have heat and indoor plumbing.

The link has several photos of the property. The only interesting one is of a tree in which someone left the graffito "FBI." That's a keeper.

What's next on the auction block? Charlie Manson's old bong and Beatles albums?


Heather H. said...

That's what I call a bad previous owner history. I doubt the reduction in price will suffice, though it isn't a very bad location. Maybe some Slipknot fans would be interested...Do you think It would sell better without the negative ad, just leaving the buzz?

TSB said...


I had never heard of Slipknot, so I just Googled them, and yeah, they might very well like the ambiance of that spot.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the Unabomber has followers, the same way Manson does. There could be a small, select, and very disturbed market for that plot of land.