Friday, December 3, 2010


Will the truth about UFOs finally be revealed, and by Wikileaks?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday in an online chat with the British newspaper The Guardian said that some of the upcoming U.S. diplomatic cables address unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

My mind reels. Does the USG have bilateral relations with extraterrestial visitors? If so, I wonder how we deliver dipnotes and demarches? And where do we find translators, and have we hired any alien LES?

Most importantly, can we get some technology transfer? Those ETs must have overhead surveillance capabilities so awesome that they would make the New START treaty a reasonable risk.

But I'm prepared to be disappointed. There could be a more earth-bound meaning to the term "UFO." Assange's next big data dump is supposed to be of stolen files from the Bank of America, or so he has said. In that case, the UFOs in question might turn out to be something like Unfunded Financial Obligations.


Rob Pugh said...

"The only time the government has admitted about UFOs is in 1947 in Roswell, NM.... famous case... they printed it in the paper 'We have recovered a crashed UFO and alien bodies!' The next day they had a press conference - 'We made a mistake, it was just a balloon... by the way we just invented computers with very little research.'" - Joe Rogan


TSB said...

In that Roswell incident, wasn't the local Air Force PIO putting out a phony story to cover up the classified nature of a Skyhook balloon (our pre-U2 overhead reconnaissance platform) that crashed there? I think the truth is here:

The UFO reverse engineering theory has been used to account for almost every bit of high technology developed after WW2. When I worked as a DOS in-house contractor, I was employed by EG&G, (after they bought the small security consulting company I worked for). EG&G had many government technology contracts, including the base operating contract for Area 51. We used to get inquiries all the time from UFO researchers who were trying to connect anything manufactured by any of EG&G's many entities back to crashed aliens, figuring they could profile alien technology by looking at EG&Gs' product lines. I give them points for imagination, but really there is no need to call in ETs to account for computers or the internet.

This UFO thing evidently taps some big chord in people, so none of this speculation will ever go away, no matter how far-fetched it may be. UFOs are one of the top three most popular subjects people visit the National Archives to research. The other two are Elvis, and the John Kennedy assassination. Mere rationality will never damp down any of that.

Rob Pugh said...

Yeah, Joe Rogan is comedian, and that's a joke...

...but fwiw, official explanations from the gov as to Roswell have included 'flying disc,' weather balloon, Project Mogul and Project High Dive. [The latter from the USAF's two reports in the 90s.]

Unofficial 'official' explanations include SkyHook. Unofficial-unofficial explanations include, well, just about everything.

None of which entirely corresponds to the others or matches all the conflicting testimony. Which may of course be a conflagration of misremembered events, outright lies and hoaxes, confusion or disinfo.

So who the hell knows what it was?

But I certainly wouldn't buy any official explanation at this point. But I'm a child of Watergate/Church Committee/Abscam/IranContra/Dark Alliance/Lewinsky Scandal/Manipulated Mideast Intel/Nurse Nayirah & Wikileaks. All of which show that people lie a lot. And people in power/in government maybe more than the norm.

"Mere rationality" can't get a grip on reality when you know that the people in power are lying to you whenever they feel like it.