Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conference Proceedings Available For "The American Experience in Southeast Asia, 1946-1975"

The Office of the Historian has released the proceedings of its September conference on U.S. policy and the war in Southeast Asia.

Go to its website (here) and you'll find transcripts and videos for the following:

Opening Address by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Address by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Keynote Address by Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke
The View from Hanoi: Historians from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Senior Scholars’ Interpretations of the American Experience in Southeast Asia
Media Roundtable Discussion
Address by Ambassador John D. Negroponte
With Friends Like These: The United States and its Allies
Fighting While Negotiating: Force and Diplomacy in the Vietnam War
The Battle for Hearts and Minds: Counterinsurgency and Reconstruction Programs in Vietnam
Ours to Reason Why: Intervention in Vietnam, Reaction in America

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