Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Un-Cushy Life

Over the last few days I've been reading many great letters and posts that debunk the popular misimpression of cushy Foreign Service lives. I especially liked this one.

But topping them all was this one powerful detail in a post by Becky at Small Bits, That Could Have Been Me:

All the time I drove [around the dangerous city in which her family is posted] I was wondering how to get my youngest out of her 5 point carseat and onto the floor on the car should we get caught in a shooting. The day she got big enough for a booster that used a regular seat belt (and learned to undo the seat belt) was the day I let out a huge sigh of relief.

Think about that. Daily life at one diplomatic post.

Is there any other type of government service in which family members have to consider how quickly their child will be able to duck gunfire?


Anonymous said...

TSB: You are absolutely right!....
except maybe my job at the Ft.Hood
SRP! Keep up the great job! lilGWB

TSB said...

You work at the site of the MAJ Nidal Hassan shooting? Wow.

Anonymous said...

I left 3 weeks before it happened after 3 1/2 years. My best buddy Michael Cahill went after Hasan with
a chair but was "stitched" with bullets. He was the only civilian medical provider killed. No one I worked with has been the same since.
I really think he would have killed a lot more except that he was intent on NOT killing the medical providers and other workers at SRP. He just wanted to kill active duty soldiers on their way to what he considered unjust wars.

and yes.. He was an al quaeda terrorist. Very successful attack!



Anonymous said...

Re:Nidal Hasan

The job of the SRP is to determine whether a soldier is deployable. A
muslim psychiatrist who says "I can't do this!" is clearly not deployable.

He had been saying this for a long time and nobody was listening. The same was true for a lot of returning soldiers I saw at PDHRA. (Post-Deployment evaluation). When
they tell you "I can't do this anymore" and get some bogus psych
diagnosis (ie personality disorder)
just to dismiss them a lot of suicides resulted.

Medical Care doesn't work without the "CARING PART". At SRP-PDHRA we absolutely overwhelmed the medical system by the middle of 2007. From then on PTSD, TBI, DEPRESSION and everything else was not being adequately treated due to lack of resources. War is hell but endless war is a bit worse. lilGWB

TSB said...

If you haven't seen it before, you might like this examination of Hassan and Muslim doctrine:

Anonymous said...

Thanks TSB! I had seen that before but never read it completely.

From reading the news account (blog)
of the Art.32 hearing it is clear that on his prior visit to SRP Hasan
got into a nasty confrontation with
the female Major in charge of SRP over refusal to take an immunization. She loved to berate soldiers of any rank and was removed from her position right after the shooting. Nobody could stand working with her. I refused and was thus spared being around for the bloodbath.

Mentally ill he was not. Major Parrish?... probably so. lilGWB

Anonymous said...

TSB: I loved that letter by FG's and all the comments. In my job at Ft. Hood I had a great hotel/pool for 3 1/2 years and got to know/care for great soldiers all day long and hear their stories. Most days I was totally exhausted at the end of the day and soo glad not to have to answer the phone. It's hard to imagine the life you people live!

Bravo! lilGWB