Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"I Just Work As A Consultant There ... With RAO"

The WaPo has a ho-hum story today on the Raymond Davis case, one that just recaps the standoff that exists over the matter of Davis's diplomatic immunity or lack thereof. However, there were two anonymous quotes of interest:

The Pakistani official said his government was also angry that no U.S. official has apologized for a third, apparently inadvertent, death in the incident, that of a Pakistani cyclist run down by a car from the U.S. consulate in Lahore that unsuccessfully tried to reach Davis at the scene of the shooting before his arrest.

I had noticed that lack of an apology myself. Would it hurt our position regarding Davis's immunity, or anything else, if we expressed regret?

And then there was this unattributed and gratuitous statement from our side, which might not even be accurate:

Senior U.S. State Department officials have said that Davis was not supposed to carry a weapon in Pakistan.

Thanks for that, Mr. Helpful, whoever you are.

The only real news in the story is the release of a video of Davis's initial interrogation by Punjabi police, a video that Davis evidently recorded himself without the knowledge of police by placing his cell phone or camera on the floor at his feet.

You can see a clip from it in the above Pakistani television report, at 1 minute 30 seconds into the video.

Pakistani television aired a video Wednesday that appears to show Davis being questioned by authorities after he was taken into custody. Davis identifies himself as an American and repeatedly pleads with his interrogators to help him locate a passport that he says went missing shortly after he showed it to police at the crime scene.

He identifies himself as an employee at the consulate in Lahore, saying, "I just work as a consultant there."

A sad business all around.

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