Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Kim Jong Il, And Many More (?)

H/T to Wired's Danger Room for this dance mix of past birthday celebrations for the Dear Leader of the People's Republic of Korea.

The great occasion won't be until the 16th of February, but the official party planning committee is already hard at work to make this year's party the best ever. And that bar is set so high the committee must be dizzy. Click on the video to check out those endless ranks of goose stepping troops, the sea of robotic yet smiling faces, the splendidly be-ribboned generals on the reviewing stands, the celebratory cannon fire, the happy couples in traditional Korean dress, the female troops in miniskirts dancing with sabers, the endless vistas of red flowers, and so much more.

Already, parties have been thrown by the Cambodian embassy in Pyongyang, the North Korean Agricultural Workers Union and the have thrown early parties. And Foreign diplomats even got to take in a special birthday showing of the celebrated North Korean blockbuster movie “Wheel of Happiness.” Jealous yet?

Going forward, Pyongyang has a photo exhibition running to honor of the occasion, featuring pictures that depict the “energetic external activities” of the birthday boy. And starting on the 15th, figure skaters from all around North Korea will gather to wish Kim many happy returns at the 20th Paektusan Prize International Figure-skating Festival.

But the real magic takes place on the 16th. That’s when Kim can take a rest from the hard work of inspecting duck farms and bringing the world to the brink of nuclear conflict to take in some of the more elaborate festivities held in his name. North Korean state media makes the electrifying promise that the day will be filled with “colorful events” including “synchronized swimming” and athletic feats performed by “excellent sportspersons.”

I can't even imagine what the after-party for Kim's closest friends must be like.

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