Friday, February 25, 2011

Libyan UN Delegation in Geneva Resigns En Masse

Pretty much as expected.

Libya's delegate to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva sided with the Libyan people against the Muammar Qadhafi regime before the entire Libyan mission resigned Friday, in the latest high-level Libyan defection from the Qadhafi regime. The rights body later passed a resolution recommending that Libya be expelled from the Human Rights council.

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The entire Libyan delegation to the UN mission in Geneva later quit in protest to the violence unleashed by the Qadhafi regime against protesters, the Associated Press reported.

The UN rights body later passed by consensus a resolution to have Libya expelled from the Human Rights Council, which the UN General Assembly will vote on next week.

"For the Libyan delegate to speak out on behalf of the people brought home that the Council's action aims not just to press a government but also to save lives," Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Suzanne Nossel told POLITICO Friday.

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After the UN expels Libya from the Human Rights Council, what I'd like to see them do next is past a resolution to investigate why they made Libya a member in the first place.

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